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Why Copper Should be Included in Your Diet?

Copper is essential mineral that you can find in sunflower seeds, cocoa powder, nuts, sesame seeds, oysters, calamari, lobster and dried herbs. Generally copper plays similar role like other minerals – your body need it for proper functioning. Most of people have no idea why copper is so important. Do you know? If not, you have to read this article. Maybe it will change the way you see minerals and vitamins. Let’s see what the health benefits of copper are.

    Copper Health Benefits:

  • Healthy bones
    The best known mineral for healthy bones is calcium. However, if you want to have strong bones you need also manganese, zinc, magnesium and copper. Especially copper is important since it enhances the effectiveness of Vitamin D (this vitamin promotes calcium absorption).
  • Proper growth
    You need this mineral for normal health and growth. Copper will be helpful especially in protection of cardiovascular system, nervous and skeletal.
  • Lower cholesterol level
    Copper is not the best mineral to lower your cholesterol level. However researchers have shown that copper can reduce atherosclerosis in cholesterol-fed rabbits.
  • Brain stimulation
    Copper is called “brain food”. It is a good brain stimulant (it plays control role) but only in proper proportions. Too much of this nutrient for sure will be unhealthy for your brain.
  • Iron absorption
    Copper deficiency can leads to the same symptoms as irony deficiency anemia. It’s all because this nutrient plays important role in the absorption, metabolism and storage of iron. Also it takes part in formation of red blood cells.
  • Pigmentation to eyes and hair
    This mineral is significant element of melanin – natural dark pigment which imparts coloration to eyes, hair and skin. What is important this pigment can be produced by melanocytes only in the presence of tyrosinase (cuproenzyme). Keep in mind, copper supplements will help you in protecting the graying hair.
  • Immunity
    Copper takes part in the healing process. Also it acts as good immunity builder and cure to anemic problems. According to scientists copper can inhibit or destroy the growth of bacterial strains (like E Coli).
  • Healthy connective tissues
    Copper plays extremely important role in the synthesis of elastin and collagen – two structural proteins found in bone and connective tissues.
  • Eliminates free radicals
    Copper neutralizes free radicals. Thanks to this mineral you can prevent body tissues damage. This is why copper is one of the best antioxidants.
  • Arthritis
    Thanks to anti-inflammatory actions, copper assist in reducing the symptoms of arthritis. This mineral is often used as a home remedy for this health disorder (it makes muscular system stronger).
  • Increases energy production.
  • It prevents the ageing to a great extent.
  • Healthy thyroid promotion
    This mineral is associated in thyroid metabolism, especially in absorption and production of hormone by stimulating the production of thyroxine. Also it controls calcium level in our body (it prevents over absorption of thyroxine in the blood cells).
  • Enzymatic reactions
    Copper is either a cofactor or element of many enzymes that take part in biological reactions. These enzymes can function properly thanks to copper.

The best option to provide copper to your body is proper diet. If you are not capable of collecting this mineral via foods you can think about supplements. However you have to be really careful and your decision should be consulted with experts. Remember that copper can give you several health benefits but it can be also dangerous. Over-dosages of this nutrient can leads to side effects such as damage of cardiac system or aggravate liver functionality.
Copper can help you protect your health. All you have to do is use it properly.

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