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The Best Minerals for Strong Hair

You want to have strong hair? You do not want to hear about hair loss? Then you have to think about proper shampoo, changing your habits and especially you have to think about good diet. Good diet plays important role to protect not only your hair but also to protect your overall health. You have to choose diet rich in significant minerals such as zinc, iron, iodine and calcium. Remember that minerals support all your body and they can also support your hair health. Start your treatment today and apply to you diet minerals that will make your hair stronger.

Zinc is a significant mineral to protect your hair. According to D.H. Rushton there are clinical evidence that zinc can stop a process of hair loss. All you need to remember is proper dosage. Too much of this mineral can prevent the absorption of other minerals. According to research published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition excessive applying of this nutrient can also result in lethargy, nausea, fatigue and vomiting. On the other hand too little of zinc can result in hair loss. For children over the age 4 as well as for adults recommended daily amount of zinc is 15 mg for a 2,000 calorie diet. Why this mineral is so important? It helps to secrete oil in the scalp (it decreases dry skin or dandruff – causes of hair loss). Also zinc is a crucial mineral that allows signals to pass from one cell to another – the key to your success is signal that orders hair follicles to continue growing. This is why you should add to your diet nuts (almonds, cashews etc.), beans, beef and other foods rich in zinc.

Deficiency of this mineral is one primary reason for baldness. Iron is important since it produces hemoglobin – without it transport of oxygen around your body would be impossible. If you suffer from iron deficiency you reduce amount of hemoglobin and red blood cells and therefore amount of oxygen for your body and cells. This process negatively affects proper functioning epithelial tissues as well as rest cells and tissues. In a clinical trial D.H. Rushton gave 1.5 mg of L-lysine (it helps with the iron uptake) and 72 mg of iron to 22 women suffering from hairs problems. After half year he reported a 39% reduction in hair loss. As you can see iron is really important to protect hair. You can find it especially in leafy greens (like spinach) or in meat. Daily recommended amount of this nutrient is 18 mg.

According to research from American Journal of Clinical Nutrition many women have noticed that certain types of shampoo lower level of calcium in hair and therefore increase hair loss. Calcium is significant nutrient for both bone and hair growth. Deficiency of this mineral can result in smaller and weaker hairs that are prone to fall out.

It is another significant mineral for your hair. Iodine keeps hair health by supporting thyroid glands. The most important job of thyroid glands is to control the way cells metabolize nutrients. If you do not provide enough amount of iodine your thyroid glands are not able to operate properly. Because of that metabolism in cells will be hindered and therefore cells growth in tissues will be slower (that includes your hair follicles or epithelial tissues). Daily recommended amount of iodine is 150 µg or micrograms. The best sources of this mineral are eggs and seafood.

Experts still have doubts about role of minerals for hair-loss treatment. One we know for sure – we need minerals to support hair health. Of course proper diet will not guarantee full success. Keep in mind that healthy hair is the result of many factors. Air pollution, cosmetics, diets – all these factors affect hair condition. Still, without zinc, iron, calcium and iodine in your diet you can not expect that your hair will be strong. Remember that mineral supplements can give you not only benefits – sometimes they have side effects. Especially when you forget to apply proper dosage you can have serious problems. We all want to have strong and beautiful hair but do not take a risk and consult your decisions with physician. Your health is more important than the way you look.

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