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Naturopathic Medicine Principles

Naturopathic medicine is based on the assumption that the human body has an inborn healing capability. This article puts forth the naturopathic medicine principles given by naturopathic physicians based on scientific evidence and medical tradition. Along with the naturopathic medicine, the physicians also recommend to perform strict diet, physical exercises and lifestyle changes to help the body to combat disease and stay fit. It treats the person as a whole complex but not the disorder alone.Naturopathic Medicine Principles

Naturopathic Medicine Principles

Following are the naturopathic medicine principles based on which the naturopathic physicians perform their treatment:

Let nature heal – Our bodies are so powerful that they have an inborn ability of self-healing. By eliminating the barriers against this self healing like unhealthy habits and poor diet, the physicians can bring up the process.

Analyze and treat the cause – Until and unless the root factor for the illness is treated, you can observe the symptoms occurring frequently. Naturopathic physicians try to analyze and treat the actual cause rather than treating the symptoms alone.

Patients’ safety – Naturopathic physicians ensure the patient’s safety by following three principles. They are:

  • Using low-risk healing medications and procedures like herbal extracts, dietary supplements and homeopathic treatments that produce no side effects.
  • Do not try to suppress the symptoms because they help the body with self healing. For instance, due to some bacterial infection, they body may develop fever. But, the fever helps to create an unfavorable environment for the bacteria and destroys it. Even the naturopathic physician will not let the fever rise high.
  • Every individual needs a different treatment plan and the physician observes this keenly and treats accordingly.

Educate patients – Naturopathic medicine principles assume that physicians should also be educators. They should teach the patients how to perform physical exercise, eat, nurture and relax themselves emotionally and physically. They even work closely with patients to encourage their self-responsibility.

Treat the person as a whole – Each and every individual has a unique mental, physical, genetic, emotional, social, environmental, spiritual and sexual makeup. The physician considers all these factors and treats so that health is not affected.

Prevent illness – Proactive medication preserves lives, misery, pain and money. This is the reason the physicians assess heredity, risk factors and exposure to disease. By obtaining a treatment for greater well being, you are less likely to need treatment for future illness.

These are the naturopathic medicine principles that the physicians take into consideration while offering the treatment.

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