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Theories On Which Orthopathy Depends

Orthopathy or Natural Hygiene (NH) is an alternative medical philosophy and practice originating from the Nature Cure movement. Orthopathy includes the idea of vitalism and considers self-healing the only cure for disease. It favors fasting and other lifestyle measures as restorative, and dietary and other lifestyle measures as preventative. This article discusses the theories on which orthopathy depends.

What Theories does Orthopathy Depend on?

(a) A Disease takes its form when the body is prevented from overcoming the deficiencies by itself.

(b) Human body has got the power to heal itself without any assistance from medicines. If people are enabled to recognize the root cause of their diseases, they will get cured of these diseases.

(c) Contrary to the popular belief, germs, bacteria and viruses are not the primary cause of diseases.

(d) The obstacles in body’s healthy functioning are toxemia, stress, work overload, over eating and other unhealthy habits.

(e) Medicines are poisonous to human body and harm the whole biological system.

(f) Vaccination is not an appropriate method to follow. It damages the immune system.

Orthopathy suggests fasting as a solution to enable your body to get its functioning right. True cause of all diseases, according to Natural Hygiene or Orthopathy is toxemia, or poisoning, in the blood.

Natural Hygiene asserts that toxins are naturally formed because of metabolism or living. And that is why following a healthy lifestyle is very important.

When the metabolism produces more toxins it should be controlled by fasting. But fasting without a practitioner’s guidance is strictly restricted. Natural Hygiene practitioners have fasting clinics and fasting retreat centers to accommodate patients. Fasting should be done by eating nothing, drinking only distilled water and getting lots of rest.

According to Dr Herbert Shelton”˜the body enters a state of Autolysis or self-digestion in about the fourth day of a fast in which the body can break down even cancerous tissues and eliminate them”.

But yet again the practitioners do not recommend fasting for patients if their health does not permit such measures.

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