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Weight Loss Spa

Losing weight is not an easy task that can happen overnight, but requires a lot of attention on various things like diet, regular exercises, body […]

Heavenly Spa Therapies

Spa therapies are the best natural methods which soothe, revitalize and rejuvenate the body, mind and soul. There are various old and new heavenly spa […]

Top 10 Spas in the World

Summer is a great time for relaxation. Spas are the best places to de-stress and detoxify yourself from all sorts of lifetime tensions. The following […]

How to Prepare For a Spa Day

Receiving a spa treatment or planning for a spa day is a very great time to enjoy all the benefits the spa offers. Want to […]

Swim Spas

An extended form of water therapy that uses new innovative functions and designs and old age concepts advocated by expert physician are swim spas . […]

What is Thalassotherapy?

Thalassotherapy is a modern spa treatment that uses natural healing properties of seawater. The word ‘thalassotherapy’ is derived from Greek words “thalassa” meaning sea and […]

What is Seaweed Wrap?

Seaweed wraps are gaining worldwide popularity in these modern days. Our skin often gets dried due to dehydration or any other medical illnesses, during which […]

Benefits of Spa Therapy

In the contemporary times, the trend of going in for health fitness spa is hot and happening. Spa massage assists in the complete relaxation of […]

Foot Spa Therapy

Like other body parts, even the feet needs special care, particularly when you return home after a day’s strenuous work. Particularly, this is applicable when […]