Curative Powers of Earth – Curing Through Clay, Mud & Sand

Historical records reveal that people of ancient times and middle ages often turned to Earth for remedies to cure their medical problems. This was revived in the last century when the German minister Emanuel Felke or “Clay Pastor” made strides in this direction.

Felke’s findings:

He found that, especially at night, the forces of the earth had very powerful effects-often refreshing, invigorating and revitalizing on the human body. Felke therefore believed that these powers would help cure wounds and skin diseases, with a bandage of clay or moistened earth.

One of the pioneers of nature cure, Adolf Just (1838-1936), believed that we could be cured of all our diseases, especially nervous problems if we slept at night on the bare earth. This is beneficial because when the body comes in contact with the bare earth, the former is energized from a lethargic state and can rid the body of toxins, morbid matter and intestinal trouble. Once this is done, the system can be restored to good health and strength.

Kinds of treatment:

Earth treatment:

A custom of the Native American Indians, earth treatment is rooted in the belief that leaves and herbs have very powerful healing power.

Therefore, anyone among them suffering from any disorder is usually covered neck deep in leaves for a few hours, and then removed. The scientific reason for this is that the body draws all the healing minerals and the earth’s magnetism from the close contact with leaves and earth and helps heal us.

Mud packs:

Mud packs have proved to be very beneficial in treating chronic inflammation caused due to internal diseases, bruises, sprains, boils and wounds. Along with mud packs, nature cure practitioners usually prescribe a special diet and other natural therapies. Mud packs can retain moisture and cold for much longer than cold water packs or compresses. If you feel your skin relaxing and get relief from congestion and pain, it is due to the effect of the cold moisture in the mudpacks. Other benefits include drawing the blood to the surface and promoting heat radiation.

How to make a mud pack:

Take a little pure clay. See that it does not contain any compost or pebbles and make a smooth paste with warm water. When coo, spread it on a strip of cloth and use as a compress on the stomach. Cover with flannel or any other protective material for about 30 minutes.

The rationale behind placing the mudpack on the abdomen is that this part of the body is the seat of most diseases and therefore all kinds of diseases and disorders can be cured if a mudpack is placed here. It also helps reduce the external heat and breaks up morbid matter.

From this alone, you can see how the earth can befriend you when you are ill and restore you back to health, but few people know this and continue to resort to strong medicines.