Eating A Healthy Diet

One often hears that a diet is what makes or breaks our health. Ages ago, wise saints, holy men and followers of nature’s healing benefits informed us so and today we find similar thoughts spread all across newspapers and glossy magazines. The crux of the matter is that it is a nutritious diet alone which can lead to good health, happiness and a prolonged life! Not only is it extremely crucial for people with highlow blood pressure, heart problems, kidney failure, and other diseases but also valuable to those who already have a healthy body! A natural diet well composed with nutritious ingredients makes the body fitter, stronger, more active and also increases the body’s resistance levels to unexpected illnesses.

According to experts, the importance of a diet is immeasurable. A diet can be termed healthy if it is balanced and provides the body with all the necessary nutrients that it needs for overall development! Food such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, diary products along with meat, fish, chicken, etc forms a good diet. Most scientists and practitioners of natural treatments (ayurveda, siddha) debate whether meat products are essential in the formation of a healthy diet or not! However, several others claim that there is no harm in including meat too as it sufficiently proffers the body with proteins.

Eat smart and stay healthy lifelong

Since ages, man has discovered that smart eating and simple living has helped him find the right balance in life. A healthy diet not only supplies the body with carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, protein and water to keep the body functioning smoothly or to lessen the risk of chronic diseases; it also assists us in leading life with vigor and vibrancy. Vegetables and fruits are an excellent source of energy when consumed raw. Besides, dairy products too provide a variety of other minerals such as protein, vitamin A, D and B. The only down side of consuming dairy food is the harmful fat that comes along with it! But, ignoring them is not the solution; choose foods that are low in fats…or better still, opt for lean cut meats and skinless poultry to eliminate the fat completely.

A great number of individuals have already opted for vegetarianism as they feel it is light, profitable and best suited for their health and lifestyle. Many others choose to do so as their culture, personal beliefs or religion demands so! Nevertheless, there is still a lot of research and debate going on whether this is truly favorable or not! But, it is important to mention that a non-vegetarian diet too has immense advantages on human body that cannot be overlooked. It helps relieve in cough and colds (e.g. chicken soups) and fills the body with zinc, iron, calcium and vitamin B.

Thus, it can be comfortably said that eating a variety of foods (both veg and non-veg) is the key to maintaining good health and important in a diet…No single food can supply the body with all vital minerals and nutrients; so select an array of foods and gain enormously from them!