Fasting – A Natural Nutrition Therapy

Fasting is an efficient tool for health and disease, as designed by naturopathy or nature cure. Fasting is so effective a cure in curing cold, headaches, nervous spells and other problems that people are resorting to it now. It is now discovered that by fasting you can relieve your system of food poisoning and overeating.

Fasting plays a large and significant role in curing you of a disease. If, for example, the disease is caused by an abnormal amassing of toxins in the system, a good way of relieving the body of these toxins is to fast. In this way, the membranous lining of the stomach and intestine which act as sponges will now contract to eject waste matter from the system. Therefore, naturopathy’s system of treating a disease by going to its root is in complete harmony with fasting.

Exercises while fasting:

While fasting, you should continue to lead a normal life. It is a fallacy that while fasting, you should rest more than work.

How to fast:

First, get your system attuned to your going on a fast by eating a low protein diet rich in positive minerals, or raw food. Next, also eat a lot of fruit and vegetables which can neutralize vast amounts of negative pathogenic materials eliminated from the tissues and thrown into circulation. Once these natural foods have purified your system adequately, you can begin your fast. Until this happens, your system is not ready to digest and assimilate food, making fasting imperative.

Kinds of fasts:

  • Regular fast:

    Here, you don’t eat at all, but drink large quantities of water and to dilute pathogenic materials and help elimination from the skin and kidneys.

  • Dry fast:

    By not eating and drinking at all, you encourage the elimination of disease taints.

  • Seven-day fast:

    This fast is so good and effective that it can only give you positive results, but not weaken you.

  • Long fast:

    This can go on for several weeks, depending on your stamina and will power.

Fruit juices while fasting:

The negative pathogenic substances in your system need to be neutralized while you are on your fast, and this is best done by fruit juices, rich in mineral salts. They are also very good tonics, antiseptics and, being rich in vitamins, they can also sustain and stimulate our vital functions. Therefore, taking fruit juices while fasting makes this activity easier to bear.

However, you must bear in mind not to take fruit juices pure or in large quantities as this may harm the digestive process. Drink all juices in a diluted form, at room temperature and regularly.

Such is the power of fasting-once you’ve tried it, you’ll know its power and efficacy. So, go ahead and benefit from an age-old and proven science.