Healing Power of Fruits

Nature has endowed us with a number of advantages of which fruits are undoubtedly the best gift! Besides being easily available in most places, they are renowned for their healing, cleansing and curative powers. What’s more, in order to benefit from fruits, one does not have to hunt, kill or get into major processing problems! But regrettably, people today are too engrossed in the McDonalds way of life and simply cannot get out of the Microwave Owen craze. Thus, much of our knowledge and art to use food as medicine to prevent various illnesses and endorse wellness has been lost. So, indeed it is the right time now that a few words be penned down to elaborate the healing power of fruits!

Recognize the healing power of fruits in your next fruit-filled meal!

Yes, the earlier generations were well acquainted and familiar with the advantages of consuming fruits. The Vedas and the Bible are a clear proof of that! By developing a healthy nutritional lifestyle, one can bring back harmony, peace and balance to our human existence and positively ward off diseases too. And this can begin with your next fruit meal.

Food acts as an entrance to good health & energy and provide infinite vigor with wellbeing. Thus, it is imperative for one to know what must and must not be consumed. Also, there is an array of healing properties present in fruits that help us combat unwanted sicknesses. Mentioned below is a list of healing powers of some commonly consumed fruits:


Delicious and highly sought after, apples are famous for their cleansing powers and perform the function of a general tonic for the entire system! The juice of this strong-tasting fruit has an abundance of Vitamin A and C. Thus, diseases or discomforts related to the stomach (e.g. constipation) cannot arise if you maintain a normal intake of apples.


Bananas are packed with Potassium and powerfully contribute to stronger heart and muscles. Maximize the nutritional value of bananas as they are second-highest in mineral content only to be challenged by strawberries!


Besides filling your mouth with a flare-up of excellent flavors, grapes are considered to be an amazing source of potassium which help the body maintain a good blood balance. What’s more, it also stimulates the kidneys and regulates the heartbeat.


Everyone loves oranges and no breakfast is complete without a fresh glass of orange juice! Oranges besides possessing a livelier taste also have excellent healing powers. Consuming it will definitely bring a healthy glow on your face!
These are only to name but a few of the fruits nature has graced us with! There are a million others available in the world that possesses unthinkable healing medical powers. Therefore, for a positive state of mind, body and soul, one must not ignore what is most easily accessible though nature!