Home Remedies for Holistic Health

When the word “home remedies” is mentioned, it invariably conjures up an image of simple natural ingredients spoon fed by mothers or grandmothers. Youth on the whole envision that home treatments for physical ailments, stress, etc are usually accepted by the traditionally older generations. But this of course is not the complete truth! Yes, most followers or members who largely rely on home remedies are those who accept the conventional system of medicine.

Of course, some prescriptions sound way too funny and bizarre to even be considered. But, it is also true that a majority of interested individuals are reverting back to the benefits of home remedies with astonishing curiosity. Yes, a clear realization is evident now that home remedies can indeed produce startling results and also save tons of money with the necessary peace of mind to boot!

Acne, colds, sunburn, constipation, weight loss or headache – be it anything, practically anything and you are sure to find a home remedy matching your precise requirements. But can age old treatments really make a comeback? In fact, they already have! Scientists discovered that Frog skin, known to be used widely in the earlier days for a weak heart, actually possesses a chemical similar to Ritalin, a drug to stimulate the heart. What’s more, Chaulmoogra Oil, used by the ancient Chinese 600 years back to treat leprosy has also been reintroduced in this modern, high-tech age! With these innovative sightings, the importance of home remedies has been revived; almost so much that before visiting the doctor or breaking banks, people think imperative to regard a home remedy first!

Home Remedies – Back to Basics

Since home remedies are made at home, they often employ the goodness of nature or make use of the ingredients available in the kitchen. Alternate forms of medicine; they work out less expensive as compared their recent counterparts while also showing less (or no) signs of side effects at all! In reality, a multitude of annoyances (discomforts) that plague us everyday can be treated well with the help of simple home remedies. So effective are they! Some of the most helpful home remedies are listed below:

Home Remedy for Acne

Most commonly, orange peel pounded well with water or cucumber leaves directly applied to the affected area can be quite effectual in curing acne!

Home Remedy for Dandruff

Aloe Vera, Fenugreek seeds, lime juice etc, all easily obtainable in the realms of one’s kitchen are the perfect cures to deal with dandruff.

Home Remedies for Constipation

Water has been considered the best healer for constipation since times unknown. Besides this, fruits like guava, pears, grapes, oranges and papaya juice are recommended as home remedies for constipation

These home remedies are to mention but three! There is an advantageous remedy you are sure to find for an array of diseases, serious ailments and problems. We can ignore these helpful and supportive remedies at our own risk! When nature itself has graced us with the beauty of his miracles, where is the need for us to look elsewhere?