How Colors Can Help You?

Color therapy, chromotherapy or Surya Chikitsa as it is known is a drugless and painless method of treating diseases by using different colors drawn from sunlight. The rays of the sun contain all the necessary elements for good health. The rays of the sun contain all the essential elements needed to restore you to good health. These are red, yellow, orange, green, blue, indigo and violet.

Each of these colors has a specific quality, meaning therefore that there are seven medicines in sunlight for our bodily ailments. This takes us back to the law of nature that states that in life there are both energy and light, but colors have added qualities-of coolness, heat and weight.

Now, if you fall sick, the balance of colors in your body is disturbed. At this time, if you turn to color therapy or Surya Chikitsa, it will help restore the disturbed color balance and cure your disease or disorder. It does this by removing the foreign body from your system that causes you to be unwell.

Today, solar energy is so powerful that it is used to run cars, trains, etc. Therefore, the efficacy of colors emitted from the rays of the sun can never be doubted. If you visit an experienced naturopath, you will find he uses seven colors to cure different ailments, but if you are not sick, you will need only four groups of colors. These are:

  • Red, orange and yellow charged water
  • Green charged water
  • Blue, indigo and violet charged water
  • White solar charged water

Interpreting colors:

color Symbolic of Helpful for Effect of excess color


Heat, fire and anger Blood circulation and tones up muscles; helpful in cold, anemia, low blood pressure, rheumatism, sexual weakness, sprains, polio, paralysis, constipation, brain disorders, indigestion, diabetes and eye defects. Increases anxiety, agitation, stress


Promotes harmony, prosperity and pride Inflammatory conditions, typhoid and malaria, liver trouble, eye trouble, indigestion, small pox, boils, pimples, skin trouble, eczema, nightly seminal ejaculations, diabetes Increases anxiety


Serenity Treats nervous and emotional disturbances, arthritis, acute cases of consumption and insomnia Negative thoughts


Joy and happiness Treats diabetes, indigestion, kidney and liver disorders, constipation, eye and throat infections, syphilis and impotence Causes exhaustion, too much mental activity


Harmony Treats nervous conditions, hay fever, ulcers, influenza, malaria, colds, sexual disorders, cancer, eyesight and inflammatory conditions Creates negative energy


Cool, soothing and sedative Eases pain, reduces bleeding, heals burns, treats dysentery, colic, asthma, respiratory disorders, high blood pressure and skin problems Depressing and sad


Truth Treats cataracts, glaucoma, ear and nose complaints, diseases of the lungs, asthma, infantile convulsions and mental complaints and purifies the blood and mind Headache

From this, you can see that sunlight plays a crucial role in our recovery from chronic diseases. By using sunlight judiciously, we can rid ourselves of pain and disease and improve our digestion and eliminate more impurities from our system.