Magnetic Therapy

It has been proved that the action of Pulsative Magnetic Effect (PMF) constructively affects various tissues in the body. Due to its several positive effects, Magnetic Therapy is recognized as a gentle, natural and healing process for the human body. Working at the cellular level, PMF leads to activation of enzymatic processes, metabolic transfers and membrane functions.

Completely safe and non-invasive, magnetic therapy can be successfully applied to treat different diseases with the surety of providing fast elimination of pain, edemas along with other ailments that crop up mainly due to physical trauma or depression.

History of Magnetic Therapy

It is a known fact that for thousands of years Chinese, Egyptians, Arabs, Greeks and the Romans utilized magnets to heal and rid themselves off various diseases. The use of magnets has even been mentioned in ancient text books and a number of famous personalities too were simply fascinated by the astounding effects of magnets. But, it was only during the 1970’s that magnetic therapy was revived. Soon after in 1983, one of the greatest discoveries relating to magnets was announced. Biomagnetic therapy which helps in causing pain relief was commenced and since then new developments have been made encouraging people to avail the benefits of magnetic therapy.

Advantages of Magnetic Therapy:

The advantages of availing magnetic therapy – Magnetize your pain away with the benefits of Magnetic Therapy. Since times indefinite, magnets have earned the reputation of being helpful in the treatment of an array of conditions that cause reoccurring pain in the lives of people. Arthritis, back pain, joint pains, sporting injuries, poor circulation, lack of energy and stamina are just to mention a handful of these. When magnetic therapy is applied, the following improvements or benefits can be experienced:

  • Increased inflow of oxygen in the cerebral cells
  • Enhanced cerebral blood circulation
  • Flexibility of blood vessels and melting of bad cholesterol

The therapy is simple enough! It introduces the affected areas of the body with the effects of magnetic therapy with the aim to provide it with complete relief. Pain, inflammation, de-calcification and other ailments can effectively be cured using the unique techniques of magnetic therapy.

How Does Magnetic Therapy Works?

After learning the benefits of magnetic therapy, the general question arises is how does magnetic therapy works? The principle behind magnetic therapy is to improve blood circulation by attracting the iron in the blood and relaxing the capillary walls surrounding the tissues. Improved blood circulation ensures increased flow of oxygen and nutrients in the affected area and enhancing its healing process.

Symptoms of epilepsy, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, migraine, severe PMS, etc can be treated fruitfully with the correct application of Magnetic Therapy. A drugless process, it is astonishing how without the administration of drugs magnets help in freeing the human body from various diseases. A magnet has many unknown and hidden properties. One of it is to attract all Martial humors present in the human body. Therefore, diseases like inflammations, influxes, ulcerations, discomforts of the bowel and uterus can be wonderfully cured. So, why not employ the best of magnetic therapy now to let it weave its magic wand on your body?