Mud Baths – How It Helps?

A mud bath is a therapeutic treatment in which a person is soaked in mud to experience a complete state of rejuvenation. Most often, mud baths are used by couples and women for treating rheumatism. Often considered as a folk remedy, mud baths have been a tradition, a way of life since ages. A combination of clay, peat, and hot spring waters is what a mud bath is comprised of. Thanks to this natural and healing mixture, the person exposed to a mud bath feels relaxed and revitalized.

The reason why mud baths are gaining importance and are in demand today is because they come with a multitude of advantages. For one, it loosens up various joints and muscles you never thought existed. Apart from this, it also detoxifies and leaves the skin soft, transformed and supple!

Mud Baths are designed for maximum heat penetration and buoyancy and are rightly recognized as a natural way to achieve a state of total bliss. Sometimes, volcanic ash cleaners with peat buoys are also included in the bath which besides smoothing the skin also allows the mineral waters to penetrate more deeply into it.

The origination of mud baths dates back to hundreds of years in European countries and till today has continued as a popular heat treatment with the Americans. At present, not just the Western world but individuals from several other countries too have realized the significance of mud baths and adopt its benefits time and again.

Mud Baths are not only valuable in curing patients from Rheumatism, Arthritis, etc but also popular in reducing stress, fatigue and anxieties!

In the early forties and fifties when mud baths were reintroduced, only a limited number of people availed of the treatment (most of them belonged to the old group) but later in the seventies, the perspective towards mud baths changed drastically. Today, it is renowned as a natural beauty treatment and a wrinkle relaxer which draws out toxins and impurities while also exfoliating and offering deep nourishment.

Typically, a mud bath lasts from 10 to 12 minutes and is later followed up by another warm, relaxing and cleansing mineral water bath that helps one unwind fully. When this too is done, the person is wrapped with fresh blankets to cool down and achieve a harmonious balance with himself. In order that the delicacy of the procedure is maintained, it is of the essence that special message therapists and estheticians take care of the treatment. When done with utmost care, coating your body with a mud paste can relieve you from physical ailments such as black spots, acne on the back, arthritis, muscle stiffness, and rheumatism.

The harmful effect of urban pollution is quite visible in upsetting the normal development of our being. As the rhythm of everyday life keeps us far from nature, it is crucial we get back to our roots once a while and experience its benefits in various forms. Certainly, the properties of the soil and the earth have amazing powers that can leave marvelous results. Try a mud bath today!