Nature's Healing Power

Irrespective of whether you smell the roses while lying on a wild flower field, stroll by a stream, hike in ancient redwood groves or mysteriously enjoy the splendors of nature in your own unique way: you will notice that nature possesses relaxing, reviving and healing power that simply cannot be ignored. Nature’s healing power has long been identified, and therefore people still turn towards the nature for healing, rejuvenation, meditative and enhancing purposes.

Nature is known to help humans by facilitating factors such as self-awareness and peace. Not limited to just these, it has often been considered a source of inspiration, solace, guidance and renewal. Just imagine how you would feel after taking a stroll in the park on a warm sunny day. The mere thought of it erases all traces of stress and anxiety, doesn’t it? In order to experience the astounding healing abilities present in nature, one needs to be closely associated or connected with it. It is only then can we see the multitude of ordinary, reaffirming, and renewing experiences that nature has to offer us. Damages that are caused by fire, lightening, flood, earthquake, etc can all be effortlessly repaired with nature. So, one can imagine how easily nature can cure humans out of various ailments and diseases!!

“Earth has no sorrow that earth cannot heal”

Nature has proved to be a great boon to man by helping him in his existence. There is an array of herbs, fruits, vegetables and other sources readily accessible through nature in our day-to-day life. These elements of nature help when in is suffering from diseases such as diabetes, colds, headaches etc.

Flowers when inhaled, purge us from grievances and depression. In modern language, this form of renewal is termed as aromatherapy. And water! Life itself is unthinkable without it! One is certainly compelled to think about all the bountiful gifts, nature has endowed us with!

Nature not only possesses healing benefits but also acts as a therapist. A therapist who with its magnificent beauty can become a balm for tired souls!
It is amazing to see nature cure incurable diseases with merely its presence. Nature does what several medications fail to achieve. Therefore, in most cultures, various natural forms are looked upon with awe and are worshipped. In today’s fast paced, highly hectic modern environment one hardly gets the time to connect oneself with nature. Thus, numerous therapies have sprung up to remind people about the terrific healing benefits that nature is wrapped up with. To mention just a few- naturopathy, ayurveda, homeopathy, Siddha, Unani, etc are fast gaining their old recognition and popularity. Perhaps, we are “going back to our roots” for all our problems.