Naturopathy – The Art of Drugless Healing

Naturopathy, as the name suggests, is a system of therapy and treatment which relies completely on natural remedies for healing purposes. These natural medicines can be sunlight, air, water, wrapped up with nutritional diet and therapies such as massages! Based on the belief that the body is a self-repairing entity, capable of healing and repairing itself, neuropaths suggest various remedies.

Most of these remedies are recommendations to enhance the atmosphere or create a healthy environment so that the body can spontaneously heal itself! Also, naturopathy follows a holistic pattern of treatment. This implies that it believes that the body is united with a soul and mind. In order to achieve a harmonious balance with heath, it is imperative that the three be treated as one. Thus, most observers think that naturopathy is deeply rooted in mysticism and metaphysical belief!

  • A technique that aims at treating human diseases with emphasis on nature. It introduces the human body to nature’s agencies, forces, processes, and products.
  • Naturopathy considers low vitality, abnormal composition of blood and lymph, germbacteria, neurotropic disturbances, accumulation of waste matter, and psychological problems as the main causes of illnesses.

While administering naturopathic principles to the healing process, the practitioner applies one or more specific physiological, mechanical, nutritional as well as animal devices to treat a given condition. The end aim of naturopathy is to remove the obstacle that creates hindrances in the body’s normal functioning. The healer makes use of natural forces to recuperative the body’s healing ability. The doses recommended are prescribed to purify the body of various catabolic wastes and promote anabolic processes.

American Association of Naturopathic Physicians claim that “the naturopathic medicine possesses its own body of knowledge and has succeeded in evolving and refining for centuries”. Additionally, naturopathic medicines are also hugely renowned as they show very few signs of side effects and do not harm the body in any way! And physicians associated with naturopathy treat patients by restoring overall health than by suppressing just a few key symptoms of the problem. A common conviction is shared among them which states that by fighting the underlying cause of the condition and applying relevant treatments to it in coordination with the natural healing abilities, the body can achieve long term advantages!

Naturopathy, as an alternative system of medicine, is mostly practiced in combination with forms of health practices such as acupuncture and spirituality! Most naturopaths also present sound advice to followers. This includes exercise, quit smoking, eating vegetables and fruits, and overall practicing good nutrition for life!

So, wouldn’t you like to experience the benefits of natural healing? If yes is your answer, then naturopathy is the best solution! Get in touch with a practitioner or naturopath in your vicinity and make the most of this old yet practical technique