Principles and Practices of Nature Cure

The philosophy of treating the sick and restoring them back to good health in a way that is natural to mind and body is termed nature cure. Nature cure is also which suggests that we live in cleaner environs, cause less suffering to animals and plants and be less violent.

This philosophy of life is for everyone and is well suited to vegetarians because its underlying principle is to be kind to animals. Unlike other schools of treatment, nature cure does not use medicines or remedies that have been tested on animals or are derived from some part of their bodies. It teaches you to be responsible for your own life and to take steps to lead a healthy life.

Nature Cure functions on the principle that it is natural to be healthy, and that our minds and bodies can heal themselves because healing takes place automatically through innate forces. A nature cure practitioner will only remove the causes of disease by using one of several diagnostic methods and therapies such as iris diagnosis, hydrotherapy, psychotherapy, mechanotherapy, diet therapy and fasting.

Nature cure advocates the following principles:

  • A cleaner and more biodiverse environment
  • Growing trees for food production rather than slaughter animals for food. It believes that producing fruit and nuts are not damaging to the environment.
  • Avoiding all harmful chemicals
  • Producing plant-based foods rather than animal products
  • We should reforest vast tracts of land to minimize soil erosion, reduce energy consumption and eat raw food rather than cooked foods
  • Live in a less polluted environment and breathe pure air

Nature Cure also advocates that we adopt a peaceful and positive mental attitude so that if we face conflicts of any kind, we can solve them peacefully. If you live simply and naturally and eat a diet of natural foods, it will bring about a balanced body chemistry resulting in peace of mind. This will automatically make you less violent by nature.

Benefits of adopting nature cure:

  • It is economical for the individual and for society because visiting a nature cure practitioner is low as it does not involve expensive examinations nor does he prescribe expensive medicines
  • Nature cure actually gives results
  • If you lead a natural lifestyle, you have more money in savings since you don’t have expensive habits like sweets, coffee, tea, soft-drinks, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, etc
  • It’s cheaper to be healthy than sick
  • No huge hospital bills to incur

A few people follow nature cure for all these benefits. By understanding the kind of lifestyle it advocates and following it, we could inhabit a gentler world and help Mother Earth sustain its resources for many more generations.