Siddha to Treat Chronic Ailments

The term “Siddha” implies accomplishment in the field of medicine. Being one of the oldest systems of medicine in India, Siddhars were holy saints who acquired high standards in the world of medication. The fact that eighteen Siddhars contributed towards the development of this treatment is a common belief shared among followers of this treatment. Fundamentally therapeutic in nature, Siddha literature is written in Tamil and is rampantly followed in this part of India, as well as other places abroad.

Inception of Siddha – After having innumerable stories regarding the birth of Siddha, most historians claim that the system existed in India and was habitually in the South of India where its expansion and augmentation fueled. Tradition also states that it was Shiva who unleashed the knowledge of Siddha system of medicine to Parvati, the Indian Goddess who later spread it out to Nandi Deva, and he to the Siddhars.

Basic Concepts- Rediscover age-old art of Healing

The principle doctrines of Siddha, both theoretical and applied are quite similar to the ones Ayurveda instructs. Siddha medicine invigorates and revives internal organs completely, curing the dysfunctions that cause the problemdisease. After applying treatment, normal functioning of organs occurs that result in a healthy state of the body and mind! Because the medicine is totally natural i.e. no artificial chemicals are part of the ingredients, treatment hardly ever causes any side-effects.

Akin to Ayurveda, Siddha too believes that the body is composed of five basic elements from nature namely earth, water, fire, air and sky. The food that is consumed by the body helps in making or constructing these elements. Siddha staunchly considers that food is the fundamental building material of the human body which slowly converts in tumors, body tissues and waste matter. Thus, it is essential that nourishing food be taken. Additionally, Siddha also states that the body is capable of healing itself and has confidence in its resisting powers. For example, it is amazing how Siddha medicine tackles the problem of diabetes. It corrects the functioning of the pancreas which encourages the production of Insulin, the natural way! Not just this, but various other methods too are applied to make sure the root cause of the problem is eliminated fully.

How does Siddha treat accident cases and surgeries?

In such cases, deep wounds are made to heal using herbs with great medicinal powers. Apart from this, when the problem is of bone fractures, then the patient is administered herbal extracts that will make his bone structure spongy. In almost 24 hours, signs of healing can be seen.

Siddha – a boon for chronic ailments

Undoubtedly, Siddha is highly advantageous to those who suffer from chronic ailments such as arthritis and diabetes. A long-suffering patient for such ailments is often recommended the benefits of Siddha. Preventive measures can also be taken to strengthen oneself from the dangers of several diseases.

However, it is important to remember that Siddha places discipline on very high standards. So, to profit from this system of medicine, one needs to make certain about this factor!