Unani for Holistic Health

The roots that instilled the practice of Unani healing can be traced back to ancient times but its real inception and introduction was made in the modern world by a Persian named Hakim Ibn Sina. Since its establishment, Unani has flourished all over Asia and especially India. Unani practitioners in India are given the permission to practice as qualified doctors as they are approved by the Indian government.

Due to its nature and convictions, Unani is said to be closely associated with Ayurveda. Both systems share a common belief that 5 elements specifically fire, water, earth, air and sky form the human body. Followers of Unani medicine believe that the above mentioned elements can be found in the human body in the form of liquids. It is the balance and imbalance of these liquids itself that are capable of health and illnesses respectively!

Unani today is looked upon as a comprehensive system that encompasses virtually everything of the healing techniques of the world. Not merely a system of healing, Unani is a symbol of life too. It strives to offer the best possible ways that can help people live a healthy life! Unani practitioners often prescribe drugs, diet, drinks and other regiments including suggestions and codes of conduct that need to be followed for the maintenance and promotion of a healthy body! Thus, it is not surprising to see the expansion of Unani in various countries all over the world!

Unani has various allied branches that have regional and scientific principles of their own. Being distinctly different from other branches of medicine, all drugs administered are totally natural it their source and form. Like most traditional medicine, Unani too believes that damaging diseases can be kept at bay with the utilization of fresh clean water, breathing clean air and consuming nutritious food. What’s truly unique about Unani is the principle which states that all life forms have originated from the sea. Furthermore, the base of Unani medicine is regularly honey. This is because honey is known to possess miraculous healing power which is the reason why it is rampantly employed as a healing medicine in Islamic world! Real pearls and metals too are often used for healing benefits.

There are eight specialized branches that form the basis of Unani medicine

These are:

  • Internal Medicine
  • Gynecology
  • Diseases of the head and neck
  • Toxicology
  • Psychiatry
  • Rejuvenation therapy
  • Sexology
  • Regimental Therapy
  • Dietotherapy
  • Hydrotherapy

Various shades and temperaments are described in Unani which suppose that with birth itself, every person is gifted with an exclusive and healthy humoural constitution determining the character and personality of the individual.

Often in the diagnosis and treatment of a disease, the equilibrium and imbalance between the four humors are examined. Following this, urine and stool tests are taken. Medications are usually natural and the results steady.