Vital Forces to Achieve a Healthy Body

A healthy person is one who is far from the dangers of diseases. So, if health is the absence of ailment, then it also represents the presence of vital forces. When a person falls sick, his defenses are down or more precisely his vital forces are at low ebb. But what exactly are vital forces for a healthy body and how its absence has such an adverse effect on our life? Vital forces are the store house of one’s physical strength, vigor, ebullience and dynamism. Maintaining these vital forces help us ward off diseases. Thus, in order to achieve the perfect balance one has a to follow some simple rules with regard to sleep, fresh air, sunlight, water, food and mental make up with clean habits.

Sleep your way to health

The vital force that is considered the best is sleep. Not only does it provide relaxation and ease one from labor, but it also replenishes loads of energy into the body. In itself, it is the medicine that relieves pain and lets one forget tension and anxiety. The age old adage “early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy and wise” still holds good. Those individuals practicing this, experience freshness, health and rejuvenation throughout the day! So, leave all worries for your waking hours and relax thoroughly while composing yourself to sleep. It will infuse the much needed vital force in your life.

Sunlight- let the light be on you!

After sleep, sunlight is the next important element that restores vital force. Just as plants die without being exposed to sunlight, humans too would wither away if they are deprived of this essential vital force.

Air- breathe every bit of it

Without breathing fresh air, it would be impossible for humans to survive. Ozone in air helps the lungs to purify our blood of carbon dioxide. Absorbing fresh air into our rooms and lives immensely profits health, keeping us active and alive throughout the day!

Water – is life itself

The best cleansing agent, water is a vital necessity of life and health. Drinking water frees us from various internal diseases while bathing ensures we are liberated from all kinds of contamination. Water also helps us experience rejuvenation and innovation all the time.

How Food and Food Habits Determine a Healthy Body

To acquire the best vital force from food, it is imperative to consume items that are obtained from nature. Greater part of the food must comprise of fruits, grains and vegetables cooked to the minimum.

Along with these, a person’s mental make up too makes a lot of difference in hisher vital force. Emotions such as anger, frustration, envy, jealousy and other violent reactions deteriorate positive effects of vital force! So, don’t disregard the golden rules of health and erode the vital forces of your health. Maintaining a positive attitude in life is crucial to attain a harmonious way of life!!