What is Chemical Equllibrium?

Most ancient sciences that have been revived today consider nature an integral part of our being. Irrespective of the problems we encounter, it is of the essence that we make the best use of this special God gift! Besides, it has also taught us to maintain discipline in our daily life to enhance overall condition of our body and mind. To attain a harmonious balance with elements and ourselves, we strive to make the necessary changes in our lives. Chemical equilibrium, state of balance in which two opposing reversible chemical reactions proceed at constant equal rates with no net change in the system!

Scientifically, chemical equilibrium applies to reactions that occur in both directions. It is a condition in which the concentrations of the reactants and products have no net change over time! Chemical equilibrium involves physical changes (solid liquid, liquid gas equilibrium, equilibrium involving dissolution of solid in liquids, gases in liquids, general characteristics of equilibrium involving physical processes) etc.

Most experts comment that chemical equilibrium should be maintained as it is crucial for maintenance of normalcy. For instance, when hydrogen gas is put together with iodine gas, gaseous hydrogen iodine is formed regardless of how the reaction is allowed to proceed. Hydrogen and iodine will remain just the same. For any exacting temperature, a point of equilibrium is reached at which the rates of the two opposing reactions are equal and there is no further alterations in the system.

Chemical equilibrium point is characterized by specific relative concentrations of reactions and products. Thus, equilibrium point can be described by mass action expression. It defines equilibrium in terms of ratio of the molar concentration of products to those of the reactants.

Chemical equilibrium can be defined for various chemical processes such as dissociation of a weak acid in solution, solubility of slightly soluble salts, along with oxidation-reduction reactions. If any of these factors are altered, then the system will respond to establish a new equilibrium that would be in accordance with Le Chatelier’s Principle!

So, here one gets acquainted with the importance of chemical equilibrium. In fact, much of the advanced studies conducted today were known to wise men of the earlier periods. Written documents mentioning about chemical equilibrium have been found. Therefore, the mention of this aspect has found its way here. Today, various features of Chemical Equilibrium are taught as a chemical subject. It is a system that requires more depth, detail and insight to master!

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